Custom cakes

I'm trying to arrange for a Cars themed cake for my son's birthday in a few weeks. Most of the pictures I've seen have a gold foil base. I found one picture where it looks like they used a checkerboard piece of paper instead of the gold, so i asked what the price difference is...$30! I know Disney can charge whatever they want, but I was a bit surprised. $5 dollars and I would've done it, but for that price, I'll stick with the default.

Wow! I agree, for $5, yes, but $30, no. If you have a chance, please post a picture of it. I'm sure it will be cute. I love Cars!

Which bakery at WDW are you using?

We'll be at Port Orleans, and they use the boardwalk bakery

Are they delivering to your room? Can't wait to see pictures. Agree that the cost difference for foil and checker is ridiculous. Prices for cakes and components very GREATLY from bakery to bakery at WDW.

We brought the Cars with us and put them next to the cake before we gave it to the birthday boy. Total cost was $58.58, well below the quoted $100. And they actually did the checkerboard on top of the foil, which I didn't expect.
Chocolate mousse filling with dark chocolate ganache on the outside. It was moist and delicious.

It was an 8" cake, and it was about 3" tall.

We picked it up at the pastry section in the Riverside food court. They gave us candles, matches, and plates. We grabbed a knife and forks from the did court


That's an awesome cake!!

Love it!! It looks great.! We will be at WDW on my DD's 7th birthday and are planning to do a cake. Your price is very reasonable considering how much I've paid for cakes from Publix Thanks for sharing your picture!