Custom Avatar Doll

If we are planning to go to Animal Kingdom in the afternoon, will there still likely be reservations available for the Avatar maker at Windtraders? Or do you need to go in the morning to make the reservation? (We will be going mid-Oct during the week.)

It wasn’t all that crowded a year ago when we went. Seemed like an awful lot of money for what you got. Buy a Banchee from the rookerie. Way nicer than the Avatar doll and way more fun. Still expensive but if your a fan it is well worth the money. The new one this year is the Night Blossom Banchee. Very Cool.

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The last couple of times I have been there they have been serving all walk ups.

No need for reservations. You may need to wait a minute or two for next available CM.

Agree with everyone. Walk up. You are given a card to present when you return (an hour or so later - so leave yourself time) to pick up the doll.

Thanks everyone!