Current Strategy for riding Hagrid (Christmas 2020 trip)

I agree, riding first in daylight is ideal. But once you have ridden it a couple times, riding it at night feels sooo exciting.

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Sad but true! Up in the north, we live for that late April season opener! But I do have to say that our local Six Flags started doing a Holiday in the Park event and, except for this year, have run some coasters in December. Last year, we rode several metal coasters when it was 35° out!

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Last year we went to Christmas Candylane at Hershey Park. We had high hopes of having a great time. Unfortunately none of the roller coasters were running, so everyone congregated at a couple decent rides that were running. And if you know HP, the reason you go is to ride the coasters! I felt very misled, almost like it’s false advertising. It was not worth the $ for sure, big bummer.

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Well, then there is the problem of “Is it pleasant to ride a coaster when it is super cold out.” We have season passes and they’ve had Holiday in the Park since I was a teen (decades ago) But my face got super cold on the coasters. They didn’t have the indoor shows since they couldn’t enforce spaced seating, so you couldn’t warm up.

We are here this week as well…have to echo Rizz here. If it’s below 50 in the morning be prepared for the big coasters to not be running. That has put significantly more pressure on the other rides that ARE open and also on trying to grab those virtual line slots when they are released for Hagrids. Thank goodness for Express…

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That’s how I feel about Hershey Park in general all year…but that’s a different discussion for a different time lol.

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I totally agree with you. After seeing the Orlando parks and how they operate, so much just frustrates me at HP. Its so close to me, but I’d just rather save up and go to WDW and UOR!

My oldest son took off his coat and rode X-Flight in a t-shirt and rolled up pants in that weather just because he’s insane. :smile:

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What is the plan for offsite people? What time to show up. And head to Hagrids first?

For off-site folks, it seems the important thing is to snag a VQ 5 minutes before normal opening time, rather than “rope drop”. It’s likely the wait with a VQ is shorter than RD standby because of the early entry people. I know in January IOA opens early Every Day for those guests. (9 instead of 10) Not sure if that will continue.

And then remember the other drop times around 11:00, 2:00, and 4:00. I heard it could be a few minutes before or after this time. Of course, all members of your party can reserve a separate VQ time staggered throughout the day.


Where do you have to be to get the VQ? In city walk or lined up by the park?

Either one, anywhere on property.

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VQ usually drops 15 minutes before park open and I’ve gotten them all the way on I-Drive before.


I have a party of 7, should I try for 7 or for two groups of 3 or 4?

Just do one group of 7.

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Is the VQ for Hagrids offered daily now or only on days that are expected to be busy?

Only on busy days. You can look at the app to see what rides have virtual lines today

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