Current Strategies for TSL?

Soooo . . . I just booked a super-duper-last-minute-pre-start-of-school trip to squeeze one last use out of my AP before it expires. :tada: So, with less than 11 days to go, I have no TPs, 2 ADRs that I may or may not keep, and a small handful of less-than-ideal FPs that I will probably cancel or modify since it’s unlikely I will stick to any sort of plan and will probably just wing my way around the World in a carefree and generally jolly sort of way and not stress about trying to “do it all.”

Having said that, I’d like to know the best strategy for TSL, sans FPs for the new rides. I don’t mind RD-ing for something epic like FOP, but I’m not sure I want to get up uber early for Slinky Dog… what are the lines like near closing time? CLs for HS are 7s over Labor Day weekend, then 1 every day for the rest of my trip. What time would I need to be there if I wanted to RD TSL on a CL 1 day when the park opens at 9am? Are they still letting people in at some crazy pre-dawn hour these days?

We had better luck with RDing for SDD than getting in line at park closing (which I still think is weird because we do the opposite for FOP). Now the day we did RD was a morning EMH day. We were let into TSL at 6:30 for a 7 am opening.

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I am going the first week of Sept on a CL1 day, with EMH.
Based on the current schedule, they are going to 8am EMH every day instead of 7 after this week. Then the day after Labor day they are no longer opening early every day.
I am guessing that RD is going to be pretty close if not the same as it was pre-TSL once they hit Sept.

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I was in Toy Story Land two nights during a trip last month. The first night when great and the second night SDD broke down early in the evening and never came back online.

During the night we were able to ride SDD (when HS closed at 10:30pm), we got in line for SDD at 9:35pm, while the posted wait was 50 minutes, and were on the ride at 10:02. We got right back in line to ride again, were seated at 10:22 and finished at 10:29pm. It looked like they hadn’t closed the line, so if we wanted, then we could’ve ridden again (but decided we’d rather get some extra rest before getting an early start the next day).

I also did an EMH morning, which worked really well (though Alien Swirling Saucers was offline for a good chunk of the day). I made a video of that whole morning(, but if you don’t want to spend the time watching that, then I rode SDD twice during a 7am EMH morning, getting in line with the RD crowd at 6:39 and finishing the first ride at 6:52am and getting in line for the second ride at 7:18am and waiting 34 minutes to ride at that point.

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