Current Social Distancing in Sit-Down Resturants?

For those of you who have been to WDW recently and had a meal inside at a sit-down restaurant, is Disney still practicing social distancing in those restaurants? We were at WDW last April and I was very impressed with how people and/or tables were spaced out in all of the restaurants we were in. Since then Disney has relaxed several of their pandemic precautions (plexiglass, masks outdoors, etc.) but I’ve not heard or read what, if anything, has changed with respect to seating at indoor restaurants. Was hoping some one there recently could update.

We were fortunate to get ADRs at GF Cafe, SH 71, Topolinos, Ale & C, C Palace and W Canyon; and were very, very comfortable dining in each and every one of them last year. The lone exception was Boathouse. After seeing how terribly crowded that particular place was from the receptionist table, we forfeited the reservation & walked away. So what is it like now? Thanks

WDW is no longer spacing out tables. They are having staffing problems at some restaurants though, so they aren’t necessarily full.

Widely variable.

Felt like we were dining with our neighbors at Le Cellier, had two tables between us and the next party at A&C, moderate spacing at Space220 - enough to be comfortable, and shared entirely too much community air with everyone at Oga’s.

Not entirely true.

We definitely notice intentional spacing between parties in some locations. Now, whether that was more owing to the size of the space vs how many reservations they had, one can’t say for sure (A&C was booked up for my morning), but there was definitely space in some places and not in others.

Are you sure it wasn’t in order to give preference to waitstaff? I’ll ask if they are doing it intentionally next week just to verify.

I guess it would look a little funny to have a big space and put all the people in one corner.

Again, the place was “booked solid” for that morning - so whether it’s related to staffing or spacing, there was definitely spacing at A&C - and a lot of it at that.

From your list, we ate at Topolinos and felt comfortable there.
We ate at 50s PT, Skippers Canteen, Wine Bar Geoerge, Yak and Yeti and felt ok but a little close for comfort in these places. At Le Cellier I felt like I was breathing in Covid.
I felt totally relaxed at Geyser Point and getting QS and eating outside.

The only place I was uncomfortable this past weekend was Le Cellier. I could have grabbed food off the plates at the next table.

I felt comfortable at Citricos, Skipper’s Canteen, Nomad (outside), Space 220 (lounge), & Steakhouse 71.

Boathouse was awful (full, crowded) inside but we requested to sit outside. Same at Olivia’s. We were forced to eat inside at Gasparilla Grill (QS) at GF b/c they have removed all the extra tables outdoors and the ones remaining were all being used as ppl still try to eat outside. Although they haven’t changed the number of outdoor tables at Cooks they seem to be full (at traditional meal times) and the indoor tables less so. FQ QS was full in and out, but it was a main mealtime.

Darn, but that’s what I wanted to know. Thank you.

My wife and I joked last time that outside of our room, we felt safer in the restaurants than we did anywhere else in the parks. Probably not THAT good anymore. Everything keeps changing. I know people promote mobile ordering, but we had mixed experiences with it. The observation ppehap made about Casparilla doesn’t surprise me. I MO’ed breakfast there one day and while dutifully waiting outside for my ready prompt, watched CMs allow guest after guest who walked up without a cell phone go inside to buy their morning viddles. When I went in to pick up mine, the cash register area given it’s layout was a bit crowded.

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To be technical, Disney never called it the incongruous and oxymoronic “social distancing”.

They called it the more accurate “physical distancing”.

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