Current situation with perks at Disney area hotels!

So in January I booked a night at the doubletree suites at Disney springs so we could book a 7am ILL for RotR.

Of course that didn’t work because its only DISNEY RESORTS*! that get it…
We did get early park entry…

Lots of things say only Disney’s own hotels (plus swolpin and SoG) get some of these perks for example

ILL booking from the disney site

  • Guests of a Disney Resort Hotel and Other Select Hotels:
    Guests can make their first purchase starting at 7:00 AM on the day of their visit. Available to Disney Resort hotel Guests and Guests of Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotels and Shades of Green.

So what is a disney hotel?

IS Signia at bonnett creek a Disney hotel or does it get same benefits as the doubletree?

here is what the Signia page on the disney website says…

Escape to a lush vacation oasis nestled in 482 acres of natural beauty… welcome to the Signia by Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek, an Official Walt Disney World® Hotel.

So its an official WDW Hotel… ok So it does get early ILL and 60+10 ADR or not?

Here is a list, plus Swan/Dolphin/Swan Reserve and SoG

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That doesn’t tell you what those hotels get or what other hotels get though?

Does a hotel not on that list get early entry? We did at doubletree which isn’t on that list.

What does signia being an official Disney hotel mean? Others that are in DS area aren’t official Disney hotels… Sonia their any difference.

Disney say swan doesn’t get adr +10 but it does. Etc etc

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You have to go to the other resorts to see what benefits Disney gives them. The DS resorts get early entry.

These 7 DS:

Plus 4Seasons and does the Waldorf?

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I believe you are looking for a list of “good neighbor” hotels, Doubletree & Signia BC being some of them. They get a lot of the perks that Disney Resort Hotels get, but not all.

The list I attached (first one is all the official Disney owned resorts. The Swan/Dolphin/Reserve and SoG receive many of the same benefits and are categorized as deluxe resorts. In other words, they get early/late hours, early booking for MNSSHP, 7am LL. Most Good neighbor/Disney affiliated resorts get early entry. Everyone gets 7am LL.

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Not so much a list of hotels but what you actually get for each of them and is Signia as an “official disney hotel” the same as a springs area hotel or not in regards to benefits or is it getting what a “disney hotel” gets?

I know but it sucks thatvthere isn’t anywhere that shows each hotel and what you get. Your list includes all the hotels that get X except it doesn’t.
And the springs link has some hotels that get some benefits but there are other hotels that get benefits that aren’t on either of those lists…

I’m going to email the hotel but it just seems daft that the Disney booking page for the hotel doesn’t tell you but does state it’s an official disney hotel! Anyone reading that would assume when they read that staying at an official disney hotel gets you X that staying there would get you those benefits!

Here’s the list of which ones get the Early Theme Park Entry

Here’s the list of who the Good Neighbor hotels are. I don’t know exactly what benefits they get, but often it’s just the “Good Neighbor” label.

I agree, it would be very handy if there was a concise chart that listed the various hotels vs. what benefits they get. There are so many things where “it depends” is the answer, such as free parking at the theme parks, ETPE, Extended Evening Hours, making ADRs for 60+10, and booking ILL at 7:00 a.m.

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I wouldn’t expect anything other than early entry for any hotel/resort other than the Disney owned and the 4 listed for deluxe/MNSSHP early booking benefit. If others give you anything more than early entry, it would be a bonus.

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Reading this thread- curious when did they drop the “good neighbor” category
Safari - May 2, 2022 at 8:48 AM.pdf (3.5 MB)

I don’t think they have completely…

Hmm- so they just aren’t putting it under places to stay tab. Is there now 3 resort offsite categories
1-select Dolphin/Swan/4 seasons-

  • not all perks but some
    2- good neighbor
  • has no perks but acknowledged

So what’s the difference between Gateway vs Good neighbor.

Kinda out of the loop with out of the bubble accommodations.

Edited cause I need more caffeine

Yeah, its all a mystery to me…

Due to G+ situation, I haven’t tried to figure it out OTHER than hotels that get early entry - its not that important. I assumed when I booked an offsite hotel that I was not covered by 7AM ILL purchases. And I didn’t care that much.

Lol since the dining plan started I haven’t stayed off site -

For us the plan made sense and kept us at Disney branded resorts-
Since reopening I have stayed off twice…Dolphin & Hilton Signia, both Priceline last minute.

At least for now genie+ And 1/2 EE isn’t enough insensitive to keep us on property…

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Right. And I am pretty sure Swolphin gets all the “Disney” benefits… so even staying there, you get Deluxe after hours and 7 am ILL purchasing (i think).


It seems like a chart of what hotels get what benefits is the perfect thing for a TP blog article? Is there someone to tag to make that happen? Definitely needs an “accurate as of X date”.


Exactly I was shocked to find out there was a pre-shutdown dining plan thing going on with Swolphin

I assume signia ‘just’ gave EE and no other benefits?

If I happen to be on a call with Disney I’m going to ask what on earth the “official Disney hotel” means!?

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