Current Rope Drop Practice at Each Park

We are going to be at DW next week and I was wondering what the current rope drop process at each park is? Do the articles at reflect the current practice? I read some conflicting information on some other sites and just want to make sure the TP articles reflect the current practice.


At MK everyone is allowed in about 1hr before park opening. Access granted to Main Street and hub, with ropes at each hub exit to lands. After opening show, ropes come down (are walked??)

At HS taps usually start letting guests through about 20 mins ahead, to rope at Sunset and Hollywood. At park opening, rope comes down.

AK is varied, seems to depend on crowd size and is related to Pandora. But taps start operating as much as 40 minutes before park open. Rope is up at bridge, then walked to various “milestones” toward Pandora until given access to rides.

EP I haven’t done in a while :wink:

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I’m with @OBN on the other parks, the EPCOT listing on that link looks spot on.
Just had the exact RD experience they write about last month.

In fact, I wrote about a possible EPCOT empty pathway tip here:

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for MK do they open main street at 7:00 for 8:00 opening? We were there in June and main street opened at 8:00 for a 9:00 opening. Trying to decide if I should keep my 8:00 BOG ressie

I don’t think so.

On our 8am EMH day last month they let us in through the tunnels about 7:45-7:50.