Current RD Strategies for Off-Siters

Due to a series of unexpected events, the trip that I was going to take to Miami with my sister this month is morphing into a last-minute trip to WDW instead. :crazy_face:

I wasn’t expecting another trip so soon and I’ve frankly been out of the loop these past couple of months, since my last solo trip in August. We will be staying off-site and my main concern right now is building my itineraries around the daily EMHs at all parks (save Epcot).

How have things been going lately for off-siters who rope drop? How early should we plan to arrive, and what time will they actually let us into the parks? Any advice would be appreciated… I’ve been scrolling through many days’ worth of recent posts to try to find the latest reports from off-site folks but I’m not seeing any recent discussions on this.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Don’t think about EEMH. Just arrive as early as possible and start hitting the rides you can in Touring Plan order.

However, with people getting an early start due to EEMH, you might consider skipping rope drop and focus more on staying late. People tend to start leaving around dinner time and crowds thin out. And if rides are still open during fireworks, you will find lines much shorter. With a later start, you have more energy to stay past closing, while the early risers of the day are leaving early as well.

Either way, find the FPs you can that ultimately save you the most time in line instead of focusing on just getting headliners or favorites.

Being off site means you also will have fewer FP choices…so by going later, you will be able to secure more FPs that fill up fast early for on siters 60 days out.


We just ignored that there was EMMH and got to the parks within the first hour of opening. Was actually nice not having to rope drop given the 8 am openings. We had FP between 8-9 for AK & MK, and for HS we just got there for 9 and did ToT & Rockcoaster before heading to Galaxy’s Edge. I got FPP for all the major rides, just by checking once or twice a day. Got 7DMT as a same day. (I went Sept 21-26)