Current Disney Visa $200 offer

There is another Disney Visa referral offer out for new Disney Visa Cards. There are the no annual fee cards. New card holders will get a $200 Disney gift card after spending $500 in the first three months from account opening. The referring member (me) gets a $50 gift card. I have six referral to give. Just private message me here and I will give you the digits.

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Hi! I don’t know how to private message but I would like info on this offer, my email is

Thank you!

I not quite sure either how to private message but that was more for folks who didn’t want to post their email .
The mailing says Applicants should call 1-866-425-0136 and give them the Referrer Disney Member ID which is 17895641. Offer good until 3/31/15.

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Elaine5715, I called the number to use the referral and the agent told me I need your name and zip code along with the referral #. Would you please email that to me so I can take advantage of this wonder offer.

Sent message

Bumpy bump bump…offer god until 3/31/2015 momma needs Food and wine $$$

Hi Elaine5715,
Would love to help you with your Food and Wine. Please email me Will be taking up the offer during the weekend. Thanks!


You should see a PM…

and Thanks!

I am looking for a referral for the $200 Disney Visa Card (no annual fee card). Does anyone have one that hasn’t expired?


I have the card. Does anyone know where I would look to see if I have referrals to give out?

You would have received a mailing.

:disappointed: Mine expired 3/31…

Ha! Guess what came in the mail today? I have some codes if anyone needs one!

I have a code to share as well if anyone is interested. Mine doesn’t expire until September 30, 2015. Please let me know if you’re interested. Happy to pass this onto anyone - it’s a great deal! :slight_smile:

Disney will mail you a large envelope with 6 referrals inside to give out- it’s not on the website or available any other way as far as I know. I have NO idea how they pick people to receive these referrals. :confused:

I have a referral that is valid! please email me at if you’re still interested. :blush:

@christen4 - would love to take advantage of this! Please PM me if you still have one available. Thanks!

Absolutely! :smile: