Current character dining?

Yes we went to Chef Mickey during covid times both in May 2021 and in Jan 2022. Breakfast both times, both on our Epcot day (and since the Epcot monorail is back open that was such a fun way to arrive!). This last time we saw characters come around twice, plus the “biscuits in the oven” song halfway between. (In May they came by once each.) It was awesome. They are still serving family style at the table which I prefer to buffet. Breakfast costs really aren’t too bad all told and my kids live that set of characters. I don’t think I would pay for their lunch and dinner when Steakhouse 71 would be probably on par price wise honesty and way better quality. (Side note: SH71 is awesome, full dinner and a $100 bottle of wine and the bill was easily $100 less than either BOG or Artist Point (where we also got bottles of wine… sensing a theme?… but cheaper).)

We have also done Cinderella Royal Table (May 2021). Great food (better than I expected anyway) but sad character interaction based on size of room, wouldn’t pay those prices for food alone although I think the wand and sword thing is finally back as I saw kids carrying around what looked like the wands and swords last week.

We do not skimp on food costs (clearly lol) and love trying character meals, but in some ways I think the signature style character meals are a mismatch of function and a little too premium for us (now that we’ve tried most of them) at least in that they include pricing for items we wouldn’t normally be ordering (appetizers and desserts for all) and the value cost of the character meet (vs time cost in the park to accomplish same) doesn’t quite make up for it. Genie Plus now has LL for the princess meets so I think that will be a good fit for us instead.

Thank you so much.

It will remain to be seen if off site guests have a chance for CM, but I think I will try.

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It’s an easy trap to fall into. :wink:

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Maybe try calling the group dining number? Probably 10 is the minimum, I don’t recall.

But you could book for ten. We’ve had folks back out of Disney trips at the last minute. And we’ve had folks invite themselves. :smile:

On our next visit, Storybook Dining is a must simply because of the Queen. We’ve got some Villains fans who won’t care a whit about the food. :smirk: