Current Bounceback Offer?

I’ve seen a link to an image with the dates for the current bounce back offer. I believe it’s room only percentage discount. Does anyone know the details? Room types or resorts excluded?

Thanks in advance!

This is what I have seen posted

Yep, that’s the one. (Sorry I was too lazy to link myself). Wondering if anyone knows what the exceptions are.

Lately the exceptions have been Copper Creek and some villas. When I booked my December 2018 free dining bounce back they hadn’t loaded any DVC in the system yet.

Thanks, that’s the kind of information I was curious about. Just dreaming and pricing out different options at this point!

Does Disney give you a bounce back offer during your stay? We did not see one when were there in October. I’m dreaming of going back too so would be nice to see a discount offer!

Yes…you have to book while you are still there. I can’t remember the extension to call if you don’t see the offer in your room.

Does anyone know if you can book the bounce back for any qualifying resort before you leave, or does it have to be the resort you’re staying at during that trip?

It can be any qualifying resort. Hope you get a great offer!

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Does everyone get a bounce back offer? We stayed at SSR, maybe we didn’t because it is a DVC resort? Although we booked directly through Disney.

I booked my BB while at SSR. The offer was not in the room but I called.