Current attempt at EP planning next Wed 3/17

Last WDW visit was 2014, group of 3 adults and 2 kids ages 12/10, they were 4/5 when we went last…

Wednesday, 3/17 - EP
Driving from parents that am, will be at parking lot at 945am for 11am opening
Head for TT/MS then Grand Fiesta Tour (I have a 10 yr old that loves this don’t judge) and then FEA (unless TT usually opens late and y’all think we are better off reordering these or we could skip MS)
1240pm - Teppan Edo (debating between this and eating our way around the world but my peeps can EAT)
A part of me wonders if we should do steps through FEA and then leave park to save my sanity or go through FEA and walk world showcase and then leave and come back for our dinner res at 6pm at La Hacienda and do the rest of FW then…or just watch stress level or pick a time to leave. We’ve had au pairs from half of the World Showcase countries so food/culture is not as foreign to my kids so its not as fascinating because they have been blessed to experience those cultures directly over the years so they will pretty much want to do everything in FW and a single lap of the WS. Last time we did the walkie talkie activity to keep them engaged and they loved that.

Any other tips or gotchas y’all can think of? Park is open 11am-11pm but we will have next am at HS so up early for ROR BG attempt and to get to park early so don’t want to be at EP to close or wear ourselves out day 1.

I usually do TT, then FEA, then would circle back and catch Gran Fiesta and Mission Space. You will want to get to FEA before the line gets super long, the others will not build up as early.

Ok that was my original plan but sometimes my brain does have a hard time bypassing MS because it’s right there plus all the backtracking/looping back and forth. :crazy_face: