Curious on Travel times from Beach Club

Hi, So I am trying to figure out some travel times to assure I have my wakeup time okay.
Anybody happen to know how long these would take me?

I want to walk from the beach club to the monorail at Epcot (not sure where this is) and take it to the Magic Kingdom (can’t figure out where this lets out either)

How long is the boat from the hotel to the studios?


Walking to Epcot monorail will require a park hopper admission and Epcot will have to be open, so 9am most days. If you walk briskly, and are VERY lucky with monorail arrival/departure, then 45 minutes is possible. 60-90 minutes more likely, so take the bus to MK. Or 15 minute Lyft ride to the Contemporary, then 10 minute walk.

Don’t take the boat from BC to Studios, its a nice walking trail and you’ll probably beat the boat.

The bus to MK takes about 20 minutes, so far quicker than the monorail alternative. If the HS boat is there when you leave the resort it’s slightly quicker than walking - if you have to wait for the boat at all then walking is quicker. The bus to Animal Kingdom takes just over 20 minutes. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

I waould also add about 30 minutes to that travel time to account for any bus issues.

@exiskorlan One way to see exactly where things are is to look at the satellite view (photo) of WDW on Google maps. It helps you understand they size and layout of WDW, and why you can’t simply walk from point A to point B.

The monorail at Epcot is at the main entrance, outside the north end of EP. Whether you walk or take the boat from the hotels along Crescent Lake, like BC, you enter at the International Gateway (IG), which is along the west side of World Showcase at Epcot. To go from IG to the monorail, you have to enter Epcot (admission ticket) and walk through Future World.

The monorail at MK is just outside and to the left of the entrance.