Curious, how many times do fastpasses get changed

Yesterday was my 60 day fastpass scheduling day and I must have changed my fastpass times 20 times at least to get earlier times. I even managed to get Mickey and Minnie 2 hours earlier than the one I snagged at 7 AM.

So… I wondering are there any statistics out there how many time FP’s are changed.

Do you obsessively look for that perfect time like I do?

I’m sure some days are better to look than others, I would think closer to your vacation because people cancel. What do you think about that?

Sorry I have to go now and check out FP’s :smile:

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Oh, you and I are on the same wavelength! Sometimes, especially if it is a hard Fastpass to get, I just get the first one I can and then do the “modifcation game” throughout the day to try to move it to the time I really want. It almost feels like gambling but without the money loss! It is much better to have a FP for a less-than-desirable time, but have one then be stuck waiting a large chunk of your day in a long line! And that rush you get when you get that perfect time slot…so awesome!


Oh my gosh you are so funny, that is so true about it being like gambling! You made my day lol.

As long as there are folks like yourself who keep modifying, it makes availability of FPs constantly changing. For example, when you shifted your MMRR time, it means that someone else was able to get the time you previously held, etc.

I think it probably settles down after a day or two past the 60 days for that particular date…and then it starts all over again at 30 days. :slight_smile:


Your probably right about that. I would love to know if there are statistics.