Curious about early entry park decision

I’m curious about something. This is our first trip to UOR. We are going in August. Every day of our 8 day trip IOA has early entry. Never US. Anyone know why they do this. I was hoping for a couple of early days at US. Seems weird to me.

I know that they switch off, but don’t know the reason. Every year we’ve gone it’s been one or the other the whole time.

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I suspect that they are doing IOA Early Entry this August because of the new Harry Potter ride in Hogsmeade (Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Coaster).

They often do EE at both parks during the peak seasons. Are you going during the first 2 weeks of August or the second 2? I think the first 2 are peak season and the 2nd 2 are slower seasons.

When we were there the 3rd week of June 2017, EE was offered at both IOA and USF. During September 2018, EE was USF only (USF closed early for Halloween Horror Nights at this time).

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As mentioned, often they only have one of the parks open for EPA. I will say that which park it is isn’t set until about 45 days in advance. It does tend to be the same park the entire week - often entire month.

I would imagine that the HMCMA will prevent IOA from having EPA. They are still having issues with the ride and aren’t opening it until 1pm each day. Offering an EPA to that park without HMCMA running would upset ppl even more.

The ride is in IOA.

Lol…yep… zzzz… Fixed…I stayed up too late last night looking at insanely low priced packages for WDW the week before SWGE opens. I’m still not awake.

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