Curious about doing a Points Swap?

The My DVC Points podcast is doing a show soon about points swapping.

If you’re interested go to the FB page to get in touch with the host Chad Pennycuff. It’s just a show to talk anhout the process, pros, cons, etc and nobody has to follow through on anything.

What do they mean by swap? I give you my points and you give me yours for 11 mo booking advantage?

Exactly that.

A couple of members of this forum were recently discussing doing this (that discussion is embedded within another thread or two so I don’t want to tag them out here).

Oh yea, I remember that thread. Wasn’t it discussed though that only one transfer can happen per year? I thought that would be only one half of the swap. I can give you my points(transfer out), but then can’t receive points back(transfer in). And vise-versa. I’ve never done it, so for sure I could be wrong. It’ll be an interesting show to listen to either way!

I’m not even sure.

So I’m looking forward to this episode of the show, in which they will cover all of that.

It clearly can be done because people do it all the time, so the transfer thing must not be part of it. I think it’s more of I’ll book for you, you book for me kind of thing. But like I said I have no idea.

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Probably this. So rather than renting points, you are exchanging point reservations instead paying someone to book on your behalf. I would think it is harder to find a match with someone this way, but it’s a cool way to avoid added costs of you can find a match up.

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Ooh - it makes me think I should find someone who wants my ressie at spring break next year, who can book me at the Poly.

It feels.super risky but who knows?