Cups, lids, straws?

I had seen somewhere that the cups at the beverage station on the Disney ships had changed? Is this true?

Does anyone know how big the cups are? If they have lids or straws available at the drink station?

Trying to decide if I need to pack my own. Thanks for any info.

I can see straws no longer being allowed on cruises. Straws, and other plastic items, are causing significant problems for the ocean wildlife. Animals are dying from plastic straws. So there is a on-going and increasing push to reduce/eliminate the use of plastic drinking straws.

I woudn’t bring your own unless you are talking about a REUSABLE drink cup with reusable straw rather than disposable.

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We use our own reusable cups all the time. Mostly insulated stainless steel ones. Don’t think I want to pack those for our flights and cruise, but a lighter weight option.

I’m just worried about no lids or straws for my kids mostly. We’d bring reusable cups mostly for them.

If you get Tervis Tumblers, you can get lids that you can drink from with or without a straw.

The one thing to keep in mind is you are asked to use a clean DCL-provided cup to fill your personal cup for health reasons.

Makes sense, thanks.

We last cruised in 2013, so it’s distant memories.

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