Where are the best cupcakes in WDW? (Excluding BOG).

Starring rolls! I love the butterfinger cupcake.

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I second that! Butterfingers at starring rolls!!

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Agree-Starring Rolls. I had the peanut butter chocolate one. They are much better than BOG as the frosting is more whipped and the cake lighter.

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I’ve heard wonderful things about Starring Rolls, but haven’t sampled for myself. Was very impressed by the cupcakes at both the Grand Floridian & Polynesian quick service places though. Can’t say how they compare to Starring Rolls, but they were both very good…

Starring Rolls at H.S. the butterfinger cupcake and the red velvet cupcake .

I never like cupcakes unless I make them because the frosting is always too sweet or heavy. Now… I am an uber-fan of peanut butter and chocolate. Someone tell me why I MUST try the chocolate peanut butter cupcake at Starring Rolls? (Note: it probably won’t take much convincing.) Also, is the PB+Choc cupcake the same as the Butterfinger cupcake?

Starring Rolls is awesome. The Grand Floridian QS location also has good options. And Fairfax Fare at HS often has an interesting seasonal cupcake.

If you happen to be near them the Boardwalk Bakery has some pretty awesome and unique ones most of the time.

The pineapple cupcake at the Poly was delicious!


Thanks for all the cupcake advice

Definitely not the mint frozen cupcake with the Elsa blue frosting. Tasted like toothpaste.

Thanks for that tip. Avoid Elsa cupcake.

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