Cultural Misappropriation

So, we are a very white-bread, multi-generational, American family, trying to figure out some easy T-shirt’s/costumes for MNSSHP. I found these T-shirts and thought they would be great!

I figured people who wanted just the T-shirt would be good, and if someone wanted to paint their face or whatever to dress it up they could.

When I asked my siblings about it, both of them wondered if it would be cultural misappropriation. What do you guys think?

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Im mexican and no… I wouldn’t be insulted. I think they are cute.


Thank you!

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It’s Cultural Appreciation.
If you enjoyed the movie, if you like those shirts, if you admire the culture, that’s all appreciation.


I love them. They do not offend. Hopefully ur not going in summer though. Black shirts =sweaty mess, which could offend😂


Haha. That’s pretty funny. :slight_smile: I figure if we are wearing them at night, the color might not be too bad.

I agree with this. Thank you!

Once the suns down, its fine. What month are u going in?

@ryan1 someone thinks Im funny :grin:

The shirts are nice. You like the movie. Wear them. Don’t be worried about other people’s reaction. The shirts are not immoral, vulgar, poor taste. I wouldn’t even think to ask that question.


Unfortunately in this day in age, people have to be worried about perception over intention. Too many ppl jump from a-z, meaning their minds create the misconception regarding intention and find the worse possible meaning and apply it to innocent ppl, them ur all over facebook. I think the shirts are perfectly fine. If someone has a problem, touringplans forum has ur back😁 @BeckyT13


We are going at the end of Sept. We’ll have a full day at Epcot, then go back to the rooms for a bit, then head over to MNSSHP probably around 6pm. I know we can get in at 4, but my experience with MK on party days is that the park is pandalerium between 4 and 7, and not really a place I want to be. :slight_smile: Hopefully by 6ish it’ll be starting to cool down. Right now the sun is setting at about 8pm…in 6 weeks it should be even earlier. Also, white shirts are kinda meh in my opinion.

Hehe. Thanks. What’s the appropriate thing to yell at the park for liner assistance? Dang, Daddy??


U should be fine then. As long as ur not in black, and potentially think fabric all day, lol. I love it, love the movie. Last name, villarejos, lots of my family is from central and south america. The ppl that tend to have a problem with cultural misappropriation really dont have any immediate connection to the culture the are “outraged” against.


Lol, in the forum, “immediate assistance needed from my liners in the park now! We’re at xyz, have ppl harassing me, need HELP”. Ud get a response hopefully!


Don’t let it go to your head! :wink:

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This bothers me. And, frankly, I don’t put much thought into. Well, okay if I KNOW something might be offensive, obviously I want to be respectful…but the fact is NO ONE can know all the ways someone might (mis)interpret the actions of another. As such, I feel it is more important what my personal intent is than what a person’s perception might be. I can’t control their perception. I CAN control my intent.


:joy::joy: Oh, it has!

That is the problem. We keep perpetuating this by being worried and guarded. This is not a personal attack against you but all of us as a society and what that means. I have seen how PC talk can easily stop good, honest dialogue. I don’t intend for this post to turn in any way.

In a tongue in cheek way, when a kid wears a ninja shirt or princess outfit, do you see it as appropriating highly skilled martial artists or royalty appropriation. Back in the day, imitation was the sincerest form of flattery.

I think it is totally cool that the family wants to coordinate. It is one of the few Disney/Pixar movies where a family can coordinate like that.

As an aside, my wife read this book called iGen ( It was a really good read. We wished we had read it before our first daughter went off to college. In retrospect, it would have really helped to explain a lot of things and even one of our high schoolers read it, and thought it was spot on.

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I can control your intent too.