CSR (Tower) or Saratoga Springs?

Hi all,

I’m hoping for a bit of advice. We are a party of six with three teenagers and a 7yo. We currently have two rooms at CSR (in the tower) for $210/night.

We just found a 2BR villa at Saratoga Springs for $581/night.

We will be at WDW for seven nights and we’re planning on spending a fair amount of time at our resort for breaks. We have park hoppers and plan on doing one sit down meal per day.

I like the idea of being able to walk to to Disney Springs for nicer meals, but I’m also sure we will hop to Epcot a couple or even a few times.

We have only ever stayed at Beach Club and have enjoyed that location.

Any advice? I was tempted to grab the room immediately bit held off for now.

Thanks in advance.

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I love the tower but I think if you can swing it you’ll appreciate the space and amenities of the 2BR more. Plenty of beds, full kitchen, laundry, gathering spaces.


I agree a 2BR sounds like it will work well for your family! I would only stay put if your heart is really set on the tower.

Also, if your dates are fixed and you don’t mind losing the flexibility to cancel, you may want to look into renting points. It may be even bigger savings, but maybe not worth the loss in flexibility. Renting points is a final transaction - no changes or cancellations.

One big advantage to the 2BR is you know you’ll be together.

There is no guarantee of connecting (door between) or even adjoining (close but no door) rooms in the Tower (or any other hotel-type resort) no matter what Disney has told you.


Thanks all. So your votes for SS are all driven by room type and not the location…?

Disney did guarantee us adjoining rooms (interesting that they may not honor that) - and the main thing that gives me some pause is that I think the teenagers were looking forward to having their own hotel room. The villa won’t have the same feel of autonomy for them. But I agree the villa would be better, and the kitchen would help offset some (but not all)!of the additional expense. And proximity to Disney Springs would be really nice.

How is the SS resort? How is the main pool? The pictures seem nice.

If it is a lock-off, the Studio will basically be like a separate hotel room with its own door to the hallway. If it’s a dedicated 2BR, the second bedroom will have a door to close it off from the rest of the suite and it feels pretty separate, even though it shares a door to the hallway with the rest of the villa.

For me, yes, the room type is the bigger driver of the difference in value. Both resorts are similar - sprawling layout with transportation system being the biggest drawback; good pools; recently renovated (or built, in the case of GDT) hotel rooms, etc.

But having in-suite kitchen, laundry, and more space is a huge plus in my book.


They will guarantee connecting rooms when theres a lot of kids but only 2 adults over 18. They have to for safety reasons. You can’t put minors in a room away from parents.
So in that respect, you’re safe.


I stayed in a 1br at SSR a few weeks ago. The resort is pretty, main pool was nice and I loved being able to walk to Disney springs in about 15 minutes. Only time I had trouble with the busses was when I was leaving MK after park close. I think we waited an hour before we got back? Otherwise it was a non-issue.


Thank you all!

We did make the switch to SSR…. Now we just have to figure out what room to request!


The CMs will always say that, but it is not guaranteed. And unless one of the teens is over 18, the adults will be expected to split between the two rooms.

Also, if you mean you’re requesting a door between them, you need to call back and change the wording to “CONNECTING”.

In hotel-speak, connecting and adjoining do NOT mean the same thing. Connecting rooms have a door between them. Adjoining rooms may be next door, across the hall, diagonally, or even depending on the set up around the corner from each other, but there is no internal door between them. I used to work in hotel reservations and I would always try to clarify, but some people didn’t - or the guest insisted they meant what they said until they got there and discovered no door between the rooms and then were at the front desk yelling that they had requested adjoining rooms - which they had - but they had meant connecting and not said that.

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I have only heard definitively guaranteed when it is a single parent or more kids than the OP’s number. With the OP’s number they would not guarantee it as there are two adults who could split between the two rooms - and that would be the expectation.

A moot point now as the OP switched to the 2BR. But something to keep in mind.

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We love the Paddock!