CSR- tips/best parts

We are staying at CSR for the first time in August with our two boys ages 8 and 10. What are the best parts of the hotel? Which restaurant did you like best? Were the buses convenient? How was the pool? Any cool things about it that we might not know? Thanks!

I was just there in May with DS8 (almost 9) and we loved it. He loved the main pool and the slide was great (I went down a few times too). Our room was in Cabana’s 8B, which was ideal - 2 min to the pool and a bus stop and about 7 min walk to lobby. We ate at the Pepper Market quick service for dinner 2x and I thought was just ok but ds is picky and it had several options for him so he liked it a lot. We mostly ate at the parks or other resorts (we kept breakfast food in the room). Buses were great - never waited long and almost never crowded. If you have a resort refillable mug you can refill it at the pool bar, just ask them.

I’ve always thought the menu at Maya Grill at CSR sounded scrumptious, but have yet to eat there.

So glad you started this thread! We will be there for the first time in the fall,too, & I have similar questions! It would be great if you could update us here with your tips after your trip @Princess_K! TIA!

The CM’s also did games with kids at the pool, they roast marshmallows and show movies at night if you aren’t too tired. Walking around the resort is lovely, especially at night when the pyramid is lit up and mariachi music is playing. DS didn’t even mind walking from the lobby a couple of long nights because he thought it was so pleasant.

I actually really like Coronado, although your room location has a lot to do with one’s enjoyment. I personally like buildings 8A or 8B, as close to the bus stop as they’ll put me. With the pool and the food court in different spots it’s hard to be close to both, the 8s are near a bus stop and the pool complex. Since I’m the only one in my family that eats a real breakfast, I prioritize those two things.

My favorite thing about CSR is actually just walking around the lagoon early in the morning. Be warned, it’s a significant walk (a little over a mile).

Actually, two more favorite things :smile:

  1. The bathroom and bedroom are separated by an actual, real-life door rather than the curtains found in most Moderate resorts. If you’re trying to get ready without waking children or significant others they are very nice.

  2. The rooms have a desk rather than the table and chairs. We generally only use the table for storage anyway, and the desk takes up less room. Also, the desk has more, and better accessible, power outlets for charging all your stuff.

We actually have a ton on info here: http://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/hotels/disneys-coronado-springs-resort although since I wrote it you won’t find a different opinion :wink:

@andi- Thanks! That sounds like so much fun!
@Brian- Thank you! It sounds like it will work well for us.

@Andibd. When did the pool lifeguards go off duty (time slide closes)?

When we were there in May the pool was open until 11 and I think the slide stayed open too. They also have an opening ceremony at the pool which we didn’t get to see. I know they give you a schedule of pool activities at check in with times…I think I saw it also on line on a dedicated CSR forum somewhere.

Thank you for all the great info! Going to be there 12/12 - 12/18

Thank you.

Do you recall if the pool bar was open past 5pm, possibly open until 11pm?

Pool bars are usually open from noon until around 10 pm or so although the closing varies a little.

I’ve read reports of the pool bar at CSR closing at 5 or 6pm. Every post on the topic at CSR actually. All pools staying open until 11pm might change this, if employee/location specifics are to close early.

Really…that’s interesting. I haven’t been there past 5 since last September, but it was definitely open until at least 8 then. Maybe having the Laguna Bar nearer to the lobby changes the scheduling there.

Thanks for the info, I’ll ask around and see if we can get a definitive closing time.