CSR Room Request Question

We are staying standard room at CSR during Easter. WDW shows only suits left for the time we are there. We would like to try for a refurbished room. Should I just ask for refurbished room in 8A, 7A, (4 being remodeled now) instead of selecting a specific room? Or should I select a room in one of the 2 completed buildings? I am not sure what my best strategy is and certainly understand if they are at capacity - getting one of the new rooms is probably not going to happen, but would like to try.


We didn’t get our request last year. :frowning:

Someone with more experience might answer differently but I would think a building number might help. I personally would want 8. The 6 and 7 buildings are almost 1/2 mile walk to the main building but close to bus stops (there are 4 and the main building is last).

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If a renovated room is your primary request, I would make that the only request.

Just put Renovated Room in the small field and “Thank you for considering my request for a renovated room” in the larger field.

The more specific you make it - even putting a building number - the less options you give the room assigner. You’ll improve your chances by making that your only request - and then just don’t fill in the request part of online check-in and 100% do NOT check the “early arrival is most important” box on there.

I’d assume they have more rooms done now than last year when @MelodyGallimore stayed, but the bottom line is requests are only requests and sometimes they just cannot be filled.


Thanks, @lissianne771. We just wanted to make sure we put forth the best effort of trying to get our request. I think making a very general request without specifics is probably the best way to go. Appreciate that very helpful feedback. We have never stayed at CSR but we have stayed at other properties over the last several years. We certainly understand this is just a request. i will update this thread with how it all works out. :grinning:

Thanks @melodyGallimoare. Good to know about the walk. We will have to plan accordingly if we get in the 6/7 building. We will report back with how it all works out.