CSR or Pop

We currently have reservations for Pop in May. I am considering upgrading to CSR. Thoughts? We are a family of 6. So we have to get two rooms.

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Have you stayed at either before? Who is in the party? Will you be spending a lot of time at the resort? How much is the upgrade? Will you have a car or use Disney transportation?

My husband and I plus our 4 kids ages 13, 10 and two 7 year olds. We have stayed at Pop on our last two trips. We haven’t stayed in the refurbed rooms yet. It will be about $1,200 more. I think that we will be at the resort more bc of the reduced park hours. We will be driving. So I am don’t mind driving to the parks if buses are an issue. My biggest worry is that I have read some reviews that there was a 2 hour wait for the pool during spring break. I don’t want to pay this much extra money and not get to use the pool. This trip is a surprise trip for kids.

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May won’t be anything like spring break. If you will be at the resort more than usual, the pool is important, and you’ll have a car I’d go CSR personally. Parking will be more expensive there, not sure if you have factored that in already.

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I find the beds and rooms in CSR to be better than Pop, but no idea about refurb rooms. CSR is my favorite mod, but now gets edged out by CBR for the skyliner. CSR is still favorite for beautiful grounds and the pool. We always enjoy our stay there.

I also don’t mind driving, but skyliner is relaxing and convenient.

My wife and I just got back from Pop. The new rooms are great and being able to fold the 2nd bed up and just have the table out was great. The resort was packed but there was always room at the pools. Personally and especially with the 7yr olds, the Skyliner is still the deal maker for us. It’s relaxing and just easy!

Do you mean CBR? :slightly_smiling_face:

Ugh - yes. I’ve forgotten all the abbreviations. I’ll edit!

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When they built the tower, I was worried about the pool at CS getting too crowded. It was crowded on regular days the last time we were there - before the tower was built. I wonder if the quiet pools were full too?

I think the kids will prefer the CSR pool hands down. The slide is awesome and the pyramid great. Mom & Dad will prefer the giant hot tub. :wink: I really loved my recent stay at CSR but I’ve never stayed at Pop. I have stayed at AoA and I really liked it too but for the pool slide I’d choose CSR plus Three Bridges is great.
Edit: With the hotwire deals I was able to get CSR for $5 more a night than Pop when I went in January.

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Also have you considered the family suites at AoA? Are they way more expensive than two rooms at Pop or CSR? I really liked the Family Suite and it has two bathrooms so it’s really like two full rooms.

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The suites at AoA are more than 2 rooms at Pop. My first quote was for 2 rooms in the tower, but if we stay in 2 regular standard room it is only $700 more. So, I think that we will just do a regular standard room. We are using a Disney agent and she has rescheduled our trip twice. So, I feel guilty canceling and using Hotwire. I am definitely thinking about renting a DVC suite next time.

Renting points is awesome. You get deluxe for moderate prices. I highly recommend it. I only stayted at CSR because I got it for $99/night last minute. For our upcoming bigger trip I rented points at BWV and got a great deal. Can your agent do the hotwire deal for you? I don’t know how that works because I enjoy doing these things for myself and family. I’d love to be an agent I enjoy it so much lol

I am not sure if she can, but I will definitely ask.

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