CSR/Kona/DS on departure day? How hectic/full of effort would that be?

I don’t know what the heck has happened to me, but since going to WDW for the first time in late February, I’ve transformed into this woman obsessed with WDW now. So, my goal of going again next year, turned into a trip for this upcoming November! My goodness…forget about saving for kids’ college, right?

Anyway, now I am in busy planning mode again for this split trip (WDW 5 nights and Universal 3 nights at the end). We’ll be staying at CSR (we stayed POR last time…tell me I’ll like CSR as I’m a bit worried).

I’m getting all our plans together to make ressies and wondered about our departure day. We do not want things to get too darn busy. How difficult would it be to check out of CRS around 10:30, go over to Kona for breakfast (or early lunch?) and then head to DS for shopping before heading over to our Universal hotel?

I’m leaning toward “too much of a pain/packing too much in” since we’d also have to probably return to CRS for our luggage and that seems like a lot of back and forth. However, I’ve heard so many things about Kona that it might be a lovely way to end our WDW experience. If not Kona, what do people recommend for late breakfast/early lunch at DS? We’ve done and loved both Earl of Sandwich as well as Raglan Road and probably would be happy to go back there.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance, Liners!

I think I would plan on lunch at DS. If you are looking for a CS WPE is excellent. TS I would suggest Morrimoto or the Biathouse.

Thanks. What is WPE? And is Morimotos a 1 credit TS?

Wolfgang Puck Express is a great CS choice in the Marketplace (I think the other one may still have a slightly different menu). According to Fisney site Morimoto is one for lunch- 2 for dinner

Will you have your own car? If so, I’d go for it as planned. But, as @PrincipalTinker mentioned, there are great places to eat at DS.

Thanks. No, we won’t have our own car. We will just be paying for a transfer (like uber). I think we will go to DS for lunch and shopping and then head to universal. I’m guessing we will have credits left to spend on the dining plan so we will use those up before leaving.

Do you guys have experience with CSR? Do people generally like it? We will be in a standard room.