CSR Jan 2021 + RotR

CSR trip report, what is going well…

Temps in upper 60’s, low 70’s. No rain.

CSR - We are glad to be back at this resort (no conventions). It’s a beautiful resort. We are in Casita bldg 4. Room refurb a few years ago, and still look good. Beds are a bit stiff for our taste.

Buses at CSR are very good. 2/3 through our trip and haven’t waited for a bus yet.

Epcot, MK, AK are all low attendance. HS is up a bit.

RotR - I have a love/hate with this ride
Today is no different. Our group got BG 5. On the bus 30 minutes before 9am opening, they called our group as we were departing the bus 8:45.

At RotR, no “Rey” preshow, and our group was ushered past the resistance shuttle, down a Hall into the storm trooper landing bay, so no shuttle preshow either. Big let down for the two in our party who haven’t been on this ride, and big let for us who have experienced the complete ride. From there, ride was great as normal. It was a frustrating, un-necessary arrangement

Epcot festival of Arts is really well done, and rates high with us, very near to rating as well as Food and Wine.

Loving the low attendance and wait times at MK.