CSR Elevator for Casitas 4 Building Please

Hello Everyone new to touringplans. We are stayed at CSR with conferences a few times but each time we were is Casitas 1 or 2. This time we are going on our own and brings the kids (30’s) and the grand kids (2 teen boys).with us in 2 standard rooms. I use a walker because of knee surgeries that did go well so looking to be on the first floor or near the elevators can anyone tell me which end on casitas 4 or cabana 8A are at?

I’ve stayed in Casitas 4. I looked at the maps on TP’s roomfinder, and the satellite photos of where the elevator towers are. In Casitas 4, it’s at the west end of the middle section, near room 4120. In Cabanas 8A, the elevator looks to be at the north end of that group, near room 8120.

Thank you