CSR - Construction!


Hello all! This is my first post in the Forum, but I'm a little active in chat . . . anywhoo, I'm trying to get some information on current construction at CSR. Since the big announcement about the Tower (el Tower Diablo, I believe I've read online, ha ha) I've been nervous about our upcoming stay in 3 weeks. I believe they are pulling down Cabanas 9A now, and I'm wondering if Liners have any insight into how that's going, if we know what other buildings are coming down and when that will be? We stayed in building 9B last time we were at CSR and loved it, but I kind of think it might be better to try to get over in the Casitas section for this trip. Any insight would be appreciated!! Thanks :grinning:


If you're on Facebook, request to join the Coronado Springs Buzz group. That's where I've been getting my CSR construction updates. Sounds like Cabanas 9B (where club-level rooms were) came down yesterday. Word so far is that construction goes mostly unnoticed in the Ranchos and Casitas sections.


OK, will do! Thinking Casitas will be home in a few weeks. Thanks for the insight!


Glad to help! I'm heading to CSR later this spring as well, and the construction announcement has definitely had to make me rethink my room request. The CSR Facebook group is keeping me sane.