CSR business class lounge vs. WL club level lounge

We are booked at CSR business class which includes access to a lounge that sounds similar to the club level lounges at the deluxe resorts. We stayed club level at WL in January and I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how the two compare. Just the food and beverage offerings in the lounge (we’ve stayed at other moderates and deluxes, so we know what to expect as far as room size, layout, amenities, etc.) Thanks!

Hi there! I think I can only be partially helpful to you, because we didn’t stay CL at WL and we aren’t staying BC at CSR until October. With that said, based on what I’ve read here and on Chat, I think there are some differences between CSR BC and CL at the Deluxes. For one, I think refreshments are available more frequently and for longer periods throughout the day when you stay CL. (We are planning to rely on the BC lounge for all our breakfast needs, though). Additionally, I don’t believe that BC includes any of the other CL amenities, like dedicated concierge services.