CSR Business Class Lounge Question

Hi All! I have a question about etiquette at Coconino Cove, the business class lounge at CSR. Is it okay to have one person run down and bring stuff back to the room for everybody, or are you supposed to eat and drink the offerings while in the lounge? Particularly during breakfast hours, DH or I would just like to pick up some things for our family to eat in the room… And, if its acceptable, we’re more likely to grab things to go in the evening, too, than to actually spend much time hanging out in the lounge itself.

Just not sure my rugrats belong in a “business class” type of setting, so I view this as a courtesy to others who would like to use the lounge in peace. :smile:

Haven’t tried CSR YET but at all other concierges, Disney & non Disney, I do both. Housekeeping will pick up non disposable dishes. Enjoy!!

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Thank you for your input! :smile:

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Also, to make you feel better, I’ve read that having kids in there isn’t a big deal–it’s Disney, after all. Plus, you’re paying for the service just like anyone else. I travel for work quite a bit so have status w a few hotel chains. Those concierge lounges can be very “business” depending on the city…but it doesn’t stop me from taking my kids in. The staff dote on them, and so long as they don’t run amok obnoxiously (which they never do) other travelers don’t give them a second glance. Relax & enjoy the perk!!!

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Thanks! DS5 is a charmer with pretty good manners - he could handle it. But, partly because of personality and partly because of autism, DS3 has no boundaries. Like, he’d climb in a stranger’s lap and try to share food. We’re working on it… but breakfast in the room tends to work well. :wink: