CS dinner suggestions in MK resort area?

We are taking our two kids (ages 2 and 4) and staying at BLT in Feb. Our current plan is to go to HS on Friday and heading back to BLT after lunch for naps. I’m thinking we won’t bother going back to HS that evening so wondering where everyone suggests we have dinner? We are on the dining plan and will have CS points remaining. Unless there are better suggestions, I’d like to stay somewhere on the MK monorail loop.

Captain cooks at the poly is a favorite.

Thanks! I will check it out. The Poly was always my fave but it has been 10+ years since I’ve been to Disney. We have ADR at Ohana on our first night so excited to be there again.

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The contempo cafe in the contemporary isn’t bad either. I ate there in October and had a delicious breakfast. I wouldn’t discount that one either. It’s right next to chef Mickey.

Good to know. We have an ADR for breakfast at Chef Mickey’s as well. Considering we are staying at BLT, venturing over to the Poly or GF would be fun and I know the kids will probably love the monorail over everything else on our trip :wink:

Capt Cooks works. New menu. Dole whips nearby

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Two words… Pork.nachos… Mmmmmm sooooo good!!! I always try to make a stop at the poly for them… Haven been since the “remodel” but I am sure those pork nachos are just as yummy as ever!!!


They did change the cheese in the narchos, but they are still delicious! I stopped in for some on my resort loop visit. CMs were reporting lobby will be open before Christmas, and you could see through the panels.

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Thanks, everyone! I’m hungry.


Yep, on Saturday they had part of the curtain pulled back so you could see into the new lobby area. It’s looking pretty close to done. While I miss the water feature in there, it does seem so much more bright and alive with the new design.

I’m a huge fan of Capt. Cook’s as well, but if that ends up being a bit crowded, the food at Contempo or at Gasparilla (at the GF) is pretty good – I prefer Gasparilla to Contempo if I’m trying to eat and run because Contempo seems to take forever.

Another option is to use your CS credits to get something at the Studios to go and take it back to your room, put it in the fridge, and then bring it out for dinner without having to go anywhere.

In terms of counter service at HS, we had an excellent counter service meal there last month at Studio Catering. Great sandwiches and DH love the cupcake that he got.