Crystal Palace timing

Looking for advice… We have BOG reservation for 850 (I was told we can be seated anytime before park opens at 0900) and I am planning on making a reservation for Crystal Palace for 8/21 for lunch. The only times available are 1130 and 1245. That day the FOF parade is at 200. What is the best time to choose? I don’t want to cut into touring time too much. I do have FOF preferred viewing meal as back up at Tony’y, but all of the iffy reviews have me questioning that. We have never been to Crystal Palace. Thanks

I guess it depends on 2 things.

How much is CP for the characters? How important is being able to see the parade close up?

Personally I found the character interaction at CP fabulous. But it is a big place. We saw each character at least twice at dinner, but then we weren’t hurrying. You would have a maximum of 90 minutes,assuming the parade would pass at about 2:15, but factor in time to get seated and then time to make your way to a viewing spot, and that drops to nearer an hour (or less, depending where you were going to try and view the parade).

That might be enough time for you. I would take the earlier time, but it all comes back to those questions. If Pooh was approaching your table and the kids were excited to see him again, but it was 1:55, what would your priority be?

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Although 90 minute would most likely give you enough time and you could easily get in front of the parade CP can run behind on seating a. I too would take the earlier time.

Thanks I think I will take the 1130 and hope to find something closer to 12 as it gets closer.

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