Crystal palace time

So my family of four (DD9 and DD7) have never been to crystal palace and plan to go during our November trip. Whats the best meal or time of day to go?

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We prefer pre-park opening breakfast so it doesn’t take away from park time.

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I used to get a 1:30/2 reservation. A good time to break after a hot day with rope drop. Ac plenty of food and characters. And if paying oop lunch is cheaper.

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I’ve been for breakfast & dinner. I enjoyed dinner more. The selection of breakfast food was pretty typical fare. Delicious, but nothing you can’t find anywhere else. It will have the most options if you have fussy eaters.

For dinner there were more unique selections. I probably went back to this buffet more times than any other WDW buffets.

We like a late breakfast after touring for a while. 10:30ish. That puffed French toast is not to be missed!!


Another vote for the 10:30-ish. Brunch.


In a vacuum, I would do lunch. You’d be surprised how many vacuums are filled with tater tots and a roast beef carving station.

I like lunch because we don’t like early, so PPO is out, and post-RD breakfast is prime touring. And dinner is more expensive, at a place that’s already expensive.

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We like a late breakfast there.

We’ve typically done the breakfast before park opening, but this November we’re going for the dinner instead. We don’t eat very late dinners, so my plan is to use TS meals as a way to unwind and relax before the evening activities.

We have only ever been there at breakfast and we love it!

One of my favourite WDW memories is breakfast at Crystal Palace. We had the first seating, and let in before Rope Drop. Walking down main street virtually alone was magical. Then breakfast was a perfect way to start our Magic Kingdom day. Have fun with any one you choose. :slight_smile:

Breakfast Lasagna

Words to live by.

We’re doing a 7:20 dinner but on the dining plan.