Crystal Palace Question

I’m planning on making reservations for breakfast at the Crystal Palace and wanted some recommendations if lunch or dinner might be a better choice. We have been going to WDW for over 20 yrs and have never been here!

There’s nothing that stands out in my memory from our dinner there. I recall the food being good, but nothing sort of unique.

On the other hand, for breakfast one can have puffed french toast which is amazing!


I’ve only had breakfast but it was amazing!


I’ve done all three times. I don’t remember a huge difference between lunch and dinner. Maybe the carving stations were different, but I can’t remember.

Breakfast was really good. I like it a lot more for breakfast than dinner. I think it all depends on when you need a break in the park. It’s not the most relaxing restaurant, but it’s out of the sun!

We’ve only done breakfast. Food was good and there was a big variety of items.
The breakfast lasagna is worth it all by itself.

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I’ve only done breakfast, but we love it. It has become the only MUST DO dining reservation for us on our trips. The breakfast lasagna is amazing and has become my husband’s favorite food.

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Looks like I made the right choice! I can’t wait to try that breakfast lasagna! :grinning:

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