Crystal Palace Post-COVID?

Has anyone been to Crystal Palace since COVID and had the new menu? What are your thoughts?
Trying to figure out a lunch spot indoors for a long rest before park hopping from MK to HS. Options are CP, Plaza, and Tony’s. We’ve been to all 3 and none are anything spectacular, so I wanted some insight. We are eating at Skippers and possibly CRT other days of our trip.

I haven’t been post COVID, but pre Covid I would have ranked them Plaza, CP, then Tony’s.

A few summers ago we ate at The Plaza three times in one trip (ds is picky and their kid’s grilled cheese was a hit), and it was excellent every time, but with the limited menu at the Plaza now and CP racking up some nice reviews with their adjusted, non-buffet menu, I think I would opt for CP!

Where did I hear/read that CP was one of the lowest rated TS since re-opening? Was it on the Disney Dish?

Yeah, I heard that recently.

There’s an AllEars video with Molly and one of the others at Crystal Palace after it reopened. Might be worth checking out for anybody who might be interested. The menu looked decent when I checked it the other day.

The TP staff review was no good, but I’ve seen several youtube videos and they were mostly positive. I think it looks pretty good and would definitely try it of the menu appeals to you.

We will be there on Thursday. I will put it in my trip report.


My wife and I were at CP for lunch just last week. Haven’t seen the reviews others mentioned previously, but we thought it was great. CM who waited on us was fun, and food was plentiful and delicious. Expensive, but very good. :slightly_smiling_face: No characters like before, but still an enjoyable setting in which to eat.

As far as COVID goes, the restaurant was totally full by the time we left. But table spacing was sufficient for us to feel very comfortable eating there. Quite honestly, we felt more safe COVID-wise eating at the Disney sit-down restaurants than anywhere else on the property while there, except of course our resort room. I mean what I just said. Disney is doing sit down dining the right way IMHO.


Sounds like there are some good reviews and some bad reviews. Hmmm. Maybe @chails will have to be the final vote.

We used to enjoy the latest possible breakfast at CP in the pre-COVID days as Eeyore is my spirit animal.

I assumed it would be the same as before. I just checked and it is a very small menu now.

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We were there April 17th. We enjoyed it. Nice to get into air conditioning and out of the crowds. Great salad starter , didn’t need the huge meal for lunch, and huge dessert tray, and huge price, but it helped recharge the kids batteries a bit.

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What I believe I heard was that guests surveys after their visits rated it as the lowest experience among TS restaurants, which is is significant change.

I believe those ratings might be more about the cost vs the experience people usually have there- that is now significantly different.

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Interesting. We visited CP years ago (like 2007?) and had a really negative experience customer service-wise and haven’t been back. It was in consideration for my upcoming trip since I didn’t think $39 was all that bad for app/entree/dessert at WDW.

I am curious that others thought it was too expensive. I would spend at least that much for an app/entree/dessert and drink at a local restaurant near me.

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We went for dinner in April. By far our least favorite meal of the trip. I definitely would not recommend. The salad and biscuits were good but the entrees were not. The fried chicken was so peppery that it was really not enjoyable, the prime rib was just ok. The Mac n cheese was barely warm and tasted more like bread crumbs than cheese. Desserts were ok, but nothing memorable.
Wish I had a better review but I would skip this one.


I just read a post by AllEars that The Plaza’s menu was updated again. I wasn’t impressed.

The pulled pork mac & cheese is completely gone. :disappointed_relieved:

I was just looking at it. I got all excited until I remembered that the characters aren’t there. But, then I got excited again when I realized we wouldn’t go unless hugging princesses was an option, so I could plan with the assumption that it WILL have characters when we are there (Jan 2022) So, I looked at the food. The family style seems annoying. What if all three of us want the same dessert? It doesn’t seem like they will bring you more food.

What about a short walk to the Contemporary? Plenty of great food options there.

Or any of the other MK resorts, for that matter. If a long lunch break is planned anyway, jumping on the monorail or a ferry opens up a lot of other possibilities, but there is a time trade off.

I’m looking forward to trying Kona at Poly this trip on one of our MK days after all the positives I’ve seen on it.

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Good point. Im off to look at menus for those resorts. Maybe geyser point would be a good respite–I love WL and the mules at GP… Wonder how hard it is to get in there around 2-230?

As for Kona, I thought Poly monorail was closed. How do you get there?

I’ve never been (also on my plan for this trip), but I don’t think too bad. GP recently added a walk-up waitlist in the MDE app so we plan to wander around WL if needed while we wait. It’s showing a 5 min wait right now, 1:15pm Florida time.

They have a boat.