Crystal Palace lunch menu

Had anyone eaten lunch at Crystal Palace for lunch. Is it the same menu as dinner? If we have a 1040 reservation and are still eating or seated late does breakfast become lunch? How does it work

According to MDE, the last breakfast seating is 10.45 and the first lunch seating is 11.30. I’ve only done pre RD breakfast so I don’t know more than that in terms of the food changing over. I do know that if you have booked breakfast, you pay a breakfast price. I can’t imagine you won’t be seated until after 11.30 though.

They will probably start putting out the lunch things before you finish, so you can have both if you want. They won’t chase you out. Not sure about the menu for lunch, like if they have the carving station.

The Magic Guide App shows the lunch & dinner menus as the same so I presume the offerings are identical.

I like the Crystal Palace brunch around 10:30. We had to wait ~5-10 minutes to be seated, but we’ve been twice and haven’t had an issue getting breakfast food. We got breakfast for about 1-2 plates and lunch for our final plate. There were 2 sides to the buffet that were identical initially. One side got switched over to lunch while we ate. The restaurant was not crowded so we saw each character at least twice.

I haven’t had dinner there and don’t know if the lunch and dinner menus are the same.

I don’t know about dinner but I ate there for lunch and cried a little when the check came

Did u go on a weeken for " brunch " or just a brunch time of day . I read on someone’s trip report that they too had a late breakfast mid week and the restaurant roped of lunch items until breakfast crowds emptied out. That obviously didn’t happen to you

Just a brunch time of day. I’ve had the same 10:30-ish breakfast time several times and haven’t had lunch roped off before. I wonder why that happened. I prefer breakfast so I don’t eat much of the lunch offerings, but it’s been a nice option. We didn’t go to CP during our last trip (last month) because my son is avoiding characters now.