Crystal Palace Breakfast or Lunch?

Any recommendations for which is the better experience? Thanks

Are you on the dining plan? How many in your party?

Breakfast! The lunch and dinner food for us was just not great. Breakfast is much harder to ruin. :rofl:

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I used to always go for lunch but a $55 lunch is not something I am willing to do there.

We’ve only done breakfast but it’s great!

Party of four no dining plan

I love their breakfast! It’s cheaper, too. Haven’t had lunch yet, but will on 12/26. It’s DD’s birthday that day, and she wanted to try lunch instead.

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It is expensive:

I woukd stick with breakfast. I love Eeyore!

This list has really made me think. We spend entirely too much on TS meals. The prices have gotten insane!

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Do you see that BOG dinner is 2 credits but about $10 more than other dinners? I believe that the dining plan will have to go up too?

Since there’s no advantage anymore for a PPO breakfast at CP, I would do a late breakfast and treat it as brunch. You may get some of the lunch options too, not sure how they work it at CP.

DS chose this as his 21st birthday celebration dinner. We hadn’t done it before and loved the characters. But no way would I do the dinner again. Breakfast is a little cheaper, so I would do that instead.

Yes, I don’t quite understand that pricing. The new Snow White meal should really be 2 credits based on the oop cost. I would not be surprised to see a price increase in the dining plan come Tuesday.

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Why is there no longer an advantage to PPO bfast at CP?

Because everyone gets on to Main Street at 8, so if you’re out at 8.45 instead of being ahead of the crowd, you’re behind them.

That said, I’m planning to do it pre RD again next time. I never did it for the advantages, and I started my TP at 9.30 just in case it took a long time to see the characters so when we were out at 9.10 we were already ahead.

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Hmmm. Good info, thanks. I’ve got an 8:20 PPO res at CP on a 9am open day. Guess not as much of an advantage as I had imagined…

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Yes. You’d be doing it only because you want to eat breakfast in the park. That time has no advantage on rope drop crowds at all.


Anyone kind enough to compare breakfast at BOG vs. CP? Each has late breakfast openings on the day I am interested in.

In fact, you would be at a disadvantage. You would be able to enter the park at 7:45 with the other adr people, so you may have a couple of minutes to get some uncrowded photos, Also, CP notoriously does not seat before your adr time, so you would either miss out on 9:00 opening (and be behind the crowds) or have to eat fast and miss out on characters. We have never gotten out of there in less than 60-75 minutes if we waited to see all of them.

So is the consensus that it’s better to eat a late breakfast in the park than trying for first thing 8am?
I have an 8am at Cinderella that I will likely keep because of lack of other time availability but am otherwise open.

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BOG breakfast is ridiculously expensive oop unless you share meals but would be faster if you pre order and a great value on the dining plan. No characters so you can just eat and go. And it’s so beautiful.

CP is a lovely setting, I adore Pooh and friends, and we really enjoy a buffet breakfast.

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