Crystal Palace AND BOG same day?

I’m looking for some advice! We will be in Disney in December, and plan on going to Magic Kingdom for one full day, and also our last day until we have to leave until 2PM.

On the first day in MK, we are planning on having breakfast at Crystal Palace. We are going to be taking an afternoon break at our hotel as our LO will be 2.5. I’m wondering if we should then do BOG for dinner? We are going to Mickey’s Christmas Patty that night as well. Or would it be better to wait and go for breakfast/lunch on our last day?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

Just my $.02, but I would save BOG for a different day. Usually if we have more than one table service meal per day, we get stuffed and just feel “over scheduled.” Not to mention that I wouldn’t want to give up 60+ minutes during party time to eat. BoG is really cool though- great theming and ambiance. It’s worth going to!

That makes sense! I was worried about losing time on the party night, so I like your suggestion! Thanks!!

BOG breakfast is the best QS meal at WDW, IMO.

I agree w above. BoG QS is fabulous and you won’t be losing party time.