Cruise Trip Insurance

Hello! Wondering if anyone has recommendations for buying trip insurance for our cruise. I paid in full and missed the window to add Disney’s trip insurance (whoops!) and didn’t realize how important it would be. So now I’m looking to purchase some. Hoping you all might have suggestions!? Thank you! has some good info on trip insurance. I believe that Allianz is one of their recommended companies.

I would start with your regular insurance agent. They usually have a source. It rarely is a good idea to get your travel insurance by the same company you are traveling with. Might be difficult to know who they are working for…

I have used MH Ross because a friend of mine went through them after having to cancel her pre-paid, three week New Zealand trip. It is also very reasonably priced, IMO. She said they were super easy to work with and she got her money right away. They do require that for pre-existing conditions, you purchase the insurance within three weeks of your first payment on the vacation. No matter who you go with, read the policy carefully - it may sound great, but then there will exclusions and limits on coverage.

I use to price out options. You can input the features that are important to you to narrow down the options. We always look for medical evacuation coverage, and health insurance on a primary basis. “Cancel for any reason” coverage is available but very expensive - you may not need it. Cancel for work reasons is often a reasonably priced alternative. We usually end up with Travelex, but I consider pricing and coverage before selecting a policy.

I use the Allianz “basic” coverage.