Cruise 1st or WDW 1st?

We are thinking of doing a cruise next summer in combination with a stay at WDW. Should we visit the parks first and end our trip with cruise or vice versa? We are thinking 4 nights at WDW and 4 night Bahamas cruise out of Port Canaveral.

That was what we did, 4 days in the parks and then a 4 day cruise. The idea is that you have 4 busy park days and then 4 slower days on the cruise. We were pretty busy on the cruise, but
next time we will relax a bit more.


A lot of people recommend parks first, as the cruise is more relaxing. After being on your feet touring for 12-16 hours a day, the cruise is a good way to recover.

However, I prefer the other way around. After being in an environment where you’re waited on hand-and-foot, the real world is a rather nasty culture shock. Going to the parks afterward, however, is a way to “step down”, to get that midground before returning to real life. Just my opinion. :slight_smile:


@Mr Itty. Hard to imagine being in more of a bubble than the one in WDW. Now we really need to book this cruise. Thx!

Cruise first. I say this only because I had a friend do opposite and they were so tired from parks they crashed and had no energy for anything. skipped dinners. So forth.

I see how that could happen, so we booked 3 night cruise to begin our trip with relaxation and oceanic fun and then will hop to parks for some big action.

We have done both ways and like WDW first then cruise much better doing it that way again this nov

Thx for all of the good advice. Good arguments for both ways.

WDW than cruise. Or you will walk around thinking how dirty the park is and how odd it is to pay for food lol

We are doing the same in April- 4 night Dream cruise and 4.5 days at WDW and 2-3 days at Universal and maybe Sea World. We are doing 5 park days (only 2 at WDW), then 4 night cruise, then 2.5 days back in WDW.

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Sounds like we have the same idea.

We are doing 4 days at the world (1 at each park), then 3 days on the Dream, then 2 days at Universal, and finally 2 days at WDW.

I hated the idea of ending on the cruise because I think that it will be the highlight of the trip. I want to just enjoy WDW for a few days before we head home.

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We will be doing something similar in October. We are doing 4.5 park days, followed by a 4 day cruise… followed by 2 more park days! (I booked the last two days way later… the more I thought about it, the more I reasoned with myself that “How often are you ever actually that close to Orlando… Why not?!”

So looking forward to it. Interested to see how the last 2 park days pan out. I’m figuring we will either be energized from the cruise… or totally exhausted! :slight_smile:

We booked our cruise! We’ll be on the Dream out of Port Canaveral next August. This time we will do WDW first because it turned out to be better for us schedule-wise. We are really looking forward to it. Thx for all the great advice!

We are trying three days in WDW and then a three night cruise on the Dream next week!!!