Cruella’s Halloween hideaway worth it?

Has anyone done the cruella Halloween hideaway? Is it worth it?

I did it this past season. It honestly depends on what you’re wanting to get out of it. For us (my mom and I), I don’t think it was worth it. I’m glad we did it and we had a great time, but were more interested in being out in the park and didn’t really spend much time in Tony’s.
The food was fine (not great), but there was plenty of it!
We had fun chatting with Cruella, she came through a couple of times and talked for a long time with us.
Where people seemed to really get their money’s worth were those that were drinking. I think there were a few people that stayed and drank all night. Some folks got out on the terrace early and were able to watch the parade from there without ever setting down their beverage.
Because it gives you VIP access to the late parade, I found that there were still plenty of seats available outside the VIP area (we still took advantage of it).
The other perk was getting to go back inside Tony’s for a little more dessert and one last glass of champagne while the crowds cleared out some.


Do you listen to any Disney Podcasts? Shannon from WDW prep school to-go podcast did a trip report in 2019 and this experience was part of it. She was reporting while at the experience in case you want a live review.