Cruella (no spoilers!)

Just watched Cruella. Which is not like me, as you know, as I don’t generally watch Disney movies.

Anyhoo, it was excellent and is recommended.


We saw it yesterday in the theater and my DH and DS really liked it too. My DH said he was pleasantly surprised at how well it was done. He said that Emma Stone has a way w/ making movies fun. We went to see The Quiet Place II today, saw Reya last week and Nobody the week before. After TQP today my DH remarked, “That’s 3 out of 4 excellent movies! Pretty impressive.” He didn’t like Reya… none of us were impressed.

Before I watched it, I thought Stone was wrong for the role, based on the clips and images I’d seen.

But she’s brilliant in it.

It’s going to get the Oscar for costume design.


Thanks for starting this thread :kissing_heart:


If it doesn’t I’ll be SO disappointed! Just brilliant costuming!!! clever

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Some of them were jaw-droppingly imaginative.



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Here’s a theory I read online. Potentially massive spoiler.

The Cruella in the original Disney movie is actually Cruella’s mother pretending to be her in order to frame her and get revenge.


Everyone needs to make sure they continue to watch after the movie ends. There’s a vignette w/ more story …and then the final credits will run.


Thanks for the reminder! Not sure how I missed this one. I blame my kids for not asking to watch it like they did with Soul and Raya. :slight_smile:


My wife talked me into the early watch on plus despite my hate for this trend…but she was a trooper on a recent couples work trip so she deserved it despite my personal beliefs…

I had zero expectations and wasn’t all that excited. We have watched to twice already and Stone was AMAZING. Some will no doubt disagree, but her performance was on the same level for me as Ledger’s Joker in Dark Knight. She was captivating…charming…and oh so evil at times…LOVED this and if the kids put it on again as i am assuming they will, I will likely watch.

I also agree on the costuming…WOW


My DD and I went to the theater this afternoon to see it and loved it! We are Emma Stone fans. She did not disappoint. She was amazing!! Yes, costumes were amazing too. When I came home and told my husband that we liked it he was surprised and said it didn’t get good reviews. I’m glad I hadn’t checked the reviews! Now that I am looking, audience reviews are much better than critics. What do the critics know anyway :joy:

@ppehap, we did see the part in the credits. Do you think they are setting up a sequel? I actually hope not. I’m good with just this one as it is unless the theory @mousematt gave is a possibility. That would be interesting and hold to the character created here better although that would mess up some of the other characters’ participation.

@jeremy.dmiller, I always make my family wait until there isn’t an up charge on Disney+ too. I was ready to go to a movie though! You got the better deal though because now you can watch it again :slightly_smiling_face:

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It is a perfect set up for more. I don’t know how I feel about it. I see your point. I’ve tried a few times to update my D+ to premium, or whatever they call it, and it doesn’t take. I really want to watch it again and be able to pause it so I can look at the costumes longer/better.

I seem to be in the minority in that I was not wowed by it. I found it very predictable and very draggy in places.

Maleficent remains the superior villain origin story IMHO.

Yes! I loved the extra scene :slight_smile:

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And what did everyone think about the sound track? :star_struck:

Actually, that’s a very good point. It was superb.

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