CRT with 2 Year old

We have a lunch ADR at CRT with my DS2 and DD4, using DDP. My Son isn’t a big eater anyway so I’m pretty sure we’ll be fine feeding him from our plates, but wondering if I’d be able to order a drink and/or dessert for him and just pay a la cart? If not, am I allowed to order a kids drink or dessert as part of my meal (instead of my own)?

My understanding is that you can order whatever you want off the menu, regardless of who is in your party or how old they are. They aren’t going to turn down extra money :grinning:

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Lol Thanks. I figured since it was a fixed price meal extras wouldn’t be available. Guess I’ll find out next month!

Ahh I’m a total dunce. I was thinking of bog. Oops!

Some recent reviews on tripadvisor indicate the littles get their own meal for free.

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