CRT - which ADR would you grab?

Tomorrow is ADR day!!! I played around this morning and almost got a CRT for 8 at 1:10 (we are hoping for 1-1:30). I got through to almost booking it and it was gone at 6:00:26!! Twenty-six seconds! But then one showed up at that same time at 7:55 am.

My question is…should I book 2 tables of 4 (one with my MDE and one with my mom’s) at the time we want and hope we can sit together…or book an 8, if I can, at a time we don’t want - 2:35 - so close to the end of lunch, I don’t want the princesses to rush. I’m thinking of doing the 2:35 and using res finder for a better time so I only have to cancel one reservation, but I thought I would ask the experts!

Also, I’m nervous about cancelling my original reservation before booking my new one. Is there a change option? Or if I try to add a new ADR when I already have one, will it ask which one I want to keep without me having to cancel first before picking up my new one?

Sorry for all the questions! I couldn’t sleep last night and I’m sure tonight will be the same!

Of course, maybe I’ll get super lucky and can grab my ideal ressie! :wink:


I am confused. If tomorrow is your ADR day what day did you book today? 7:55 pm?

I would try and book for 8, but then I’ve never needed one for that many people.

As for getting a new time, I guess it depends how you book it. If you just look yourself and find a better time, then you can change the existing one. If you use the reservation finder to find a better time, you’re unlikely to be booking another overlapping one. I’ve always just booked the new one and then cancelled the old one. You wouldn’t want to be wasting time if you get a link, you need to grab it then!

I had Sci Fi for 6:50 and wanted an earlier time; reservation finder found 5:30 so I just booked it through the link. Same for shifting Chef Mickey to a later time.

If you try to book a new reservation within an hour of an existing one you will be asked if you want to cancel the existing one. Going this way I have experienced to much of a delay trying to get a reservation finder reservation. Try to book one that’s an hour from the existing one so it will not ask you to cancel the existing one. Also I have found that it doesn’t always cancel your existing reservation like it says even though you try. If it doesn’t, go to MDE reservations and cancel it that way. With that many people it is going to be fun to get a reservation via reservation finder and if one comes up in your time slot take whatever comes up and if you don’t like it when you look at the times just cancel it and let it go back in the que.

I didn’t book at all. I was just playing around starting at 5:50am to see how it will go tomorrow. I looked again at 7:55am this morning and there was a reservation for the time I wanted. Sorry for the confusion!

Thank you! That is helpful. I will try to get an 8 for whatever time I can. I thought your reservations had to be 2 hours apart - one hour makes it easier to book a new one, then cancel the first. :slight_smile:

as long as you got what you wanted that is good. Problem solved!

Not sure of best way to book but we had 7 people last December at CRT and I️ had to book a 6 and a 1 but they sat us all together So I️ know they try to accommodate if possible Hope you get what you are looking for!

I didn’t have as much trouble as I thought I would getting CRT for our large party on the date/time I wanted. I think that’s because unlike most other ressies, you have to pay the full price for CRT when you book it.

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I got all my ADRs yesterday morning by 6:07…even CRT for 8 people at my exact time! Yay!! Thanks so much to everyone who gave me such great advice and tips. I truly appreciate it! It helped me feel so much better prepared. I’m taking a few days off from planning, then on to FP and touring plans. :wink: