CRT vs. Akerhus Royal Banquet Hall

Are the Princess dinners close to the same? I am trying to decide which one to book for our upcoming trip in September 2017.

I think this one is a matter of opinion. There is a difference in the atmosphere at CRT vs Aker, which is some thing to consider. If you have ones that would be more impressed with the MK location over Epcot. Myself -I would rate the food at both locations as equal, my cousin’s family however prefers CRT on this. From our past experiences our daughter enjoyed princess time at each equally as well. If you are on a dining plan remember that CRT takes two dinning credits per person vs Aker only using one per person.

I think CRT is overrated and we did Aker and it was fun. It really comes down to what you want. Both experiences are great - but is is comparing Apples to cars

I honestly would prefer Aker too, was attempting to be fair and informational lol :slight_smile:

For us, CRT definately. Akerhaus for us was a second rate buffet with princesses on top.

Thank you everyone for your opinion. I will be celebrating my daughter’s 10th birthday and want to make this as magical as possible,