CRT the HEA strategy help?

We have a 7:00 PM res at CRT. Can anyone help with the best possible strategy to get a great viewing location for the Happily Ever After Fireworks?

What time does it start on that night? It would be a very unique view, but right by the window in CRT would be something not many people get to experience. I tried to do that when we went in November, but we were in the middle of the room and the fireworks started just after we were finished. I did try though.

Of course, the trouble with that is that you’d miss all the projections.

When we come out any recommendations as to where we should go to watch the show ?

Really, almost any place on Main Street is good, but you can go to the ice cream parlor and you’ll get a great view. That’s where we stood for our fireworks viewing.

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Depending on the time you come out, you might not be allowed to leave the castle. I think they keep you in there as a precaution for the fireworks. I could be wrong on this, was just something i saw on a YouTube vid as i was researching CRT myself.


Here it is, worked out for these little girls.

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