CRT success with ResFinder?

I am out to be a major hero here.

My sister and niece are going to WDW 4/30-5/6 and have been unable to secure a ressie for CRT. I just set up alerts for myself to try and nab one for her. She has no preference on day or meal.

How much success do people have with this particular ressie using the TP ResFinder?

We scored one using reservation finder! We were pretty limited with time and day, too. Just have to be quick once the text comes through and have the credit card handy. Use mobile browser or desktop, not app. We were so thankful for the res finder when we enjoyed our dinner there this week !

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I got one for the end of April through the res finder too!

The finder works great. I’ve used it to get Ohana and others. I use the txt message feature because I’m not on email all the time. The link to make the ADR in the txt message didn’t work for me so I went on the MDE app and made the ADR that way. It seems like the alerts can come at any time. That includes the middle of the night. You will need to act fast for CRT. Good luck!

Like, within SECONDS.

Just got an alert, was sitting here, searched - gone!


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Aaaaaaaaaand I missed another one! Sheesh!

Well, the good news is, they keep coming up – maybe I’ll get lucky one of these times. Still a few weeks to go :slight_smile:

I need this in order to show my sister that she should be nice to her sister :smiley: :smiley:

Just keep swimming…

Yes! Yesterday actually. We could only get a 4:15 at our 180 which was way too early for us. Just got an alert for a later time yesterday. Hopped on the computer and booked it. It charged us though and we are on the meal plan so I had to call to get that fixed.


…keep swimming…




Yea! Faith, trust and touring plans pixie dust!

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