CRT pre-rope drop breakfast question

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We have an 8:10 breakfast at CRT. Typically how long do these meals last? I’m assuming 60-75 minutes once you factor in the princess meet and greets. Definitely don’t want to rush this experience!! I figured I’d ask the experts here on the forum! We’ve got our fastpasses now and I’m trying to get everything in place with my touring plans and want to try to figure out what time we’ll start touring on this day. I’ve got the breakfast booked in for 75 minutes and if we start touring earlier than anticipated great, but want to make sure that 75 minutes is leaving enough time. Thanks.

Make sure you are at the CRT door by 8:10, if not 8:00. There will be a line already. You’ll meet Cinderella as you enter the castle, before you go up to the dining room, so there will likely be people in front of you waiting to meet her too. Once upstairs, you should be done within 60 minutes. So I think your 60-75 is a good estimate. But the beauty of the touringplans mobile app is that you can “evaluate” your plan at any time to recalculate your wait times if CRT takes longer/shorter than planned. And of course you can always “optimize”, but remember that may reorder your plans.

thanks @adamwsh

You should be able to walk into the MK between 7:45-7:50 with the rest of the rope drop crowd. 75 minutes sounds very reasonable. There will be a crowd for PP and 7DMT but if it is a 9:00 opening lots of attractions will have little or no waits.

Thanks @PrincipalTinker. We will have done PPF already on our first day at MK and I’ve got a FP for 7DMT for that day already. Trying to get from CRT to Space Mountain before a crowd develops. According to TPs it should be ok based on 75 min for CRT.

Yes, I think you will be at Space before 9:30 and most likely you can ride it a couple of times before the wait builds. Keep in mind a 10-15 minutes wait to mee always seems to be the length of that queue!

Yeah TP has it at 11min at 9:27am. That’s an ok wait in my books

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