CRT Pre-RD ADR 8:00

Hi all!

I feel like this has been asked before but I just can’t find the post. We have a 8:00 AM ADR at CRT tomorrow. MK opens at 9:00.

How early will they let us in the park? What time does monorail start running?

I’ve had an 8am ADR at CRT in the past (for a 9am MK opening) and they let us in at 7:45.
Check the monorail schedule given out at your hotel’s front desk. From what I remember, the monorail starts running around a half hour before park opening, so unfortunately, the monorail won’t help you get to your 8am ADR. You should also check that same schedule to make sure there isn’t any scheduled morning maintenance work on the monorail on the day you are planning to use it (that happened to us!) Since we were at the Contemporary that time, we just walked over to MK the morning of our ADR at CRT.

FYI- In case you weren’t aware, people are now allowed into the Main St area of MK for 1 hour before park opening. So you and the other people with 8am ADRs will have plenty of company on Main St. There should be a line/cast member dedicated to allowing those with ADRs in first. The times I used it, that line/cast member was on the left if you are facing the turnstiles.

Good luck and have a great time! I’ve always loved starting the day at MK with CRT. It’s too bad though that pre-rope drop ADRs in MK no longer really give you a huge advantage in getting to the attractions quicker (due to the new morning entrance procedure). One of my favorite Disney memories is a picture of my then 5-year old daughter, dressed as Elsa, running up a deserted walkway of Cinderella’s castle just as the sun is coming up. :grinning:

Thank you this is really helpful.

I am wondering if the monorail wont get us there in time but you can only access MK by monorail, boat or bus, how can I get to my ADR on time?

Are you on site? If so ask the front desk they might know better.

I am SOG, just called the Polynesian and they said 7:00 AM so we are covered!!! Thanks all :slight_smile:

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Ok good and thank you and/or your family member for their service.