Crt pre-park opening

Hi everyone we have an 805 crt breakfast reservation on a 9am park opening day. how long does this character meal usually take. any chance we will be done before 9? wondering if it offers any advantage to hitting rides in fantasyland before the park officially opens.

When I did an 8:05 BOG ADR I was in line at 7DMT at 8:40 behind a group that had ate at CRT.

thanks. i somehow ending make two reservations, one for CrT at 805 and one for bog at 810 on the same day. I’m not sure why the system let me book two reservations so close to each other. now i have to decide which one to cancel! I do have BOG for another day of our trip as well for 805.

If it was me I would like to take my time at CRT because of the cost and the interaction. BOG is in my opinion is still a quick server in and out you are not waiting for anything but the food that you ordered before hand. Ok maybe a quick look around.


I completely agree. I would not want to rush through an expensive character meal.


I’m to big to rush through anything. We have a 8:20 GG I will be there early just so we don’t rush. I can’t ride Soran but we will ride LL (which is my favorite of all things in all the park) and we also have behind the seeds scheduled around 10:30.


We loved Behind the Seeds!! Enjoy.

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I have had an 8:05 CRT reservation and we did not get out before 9. Mainly because 8:05 is when you check in but it is not for sure the time you get seated to eat. We checked in (she would not let us check-in at 8, the CM had us wait until right when our reservation opened to let us check-in) and then we had to wait in a line to meet Cinderella. After that, we had to listen for our name to be called and only then could we go upstairs and be seated. It was about 8:25 by then. Next we ordered breakfast, then had to wait for the food. Alot of people have PPO breakfast in mind so all the tables were full. It took until about 8:45 or so to get our food. The princesses were not formally announced until about 8:30. By 9pm we had seen 2 of the 4 princesses and had almost finished our food. We ended up done about 9:20. I agree with everyone else. CRT is a truly magical experience that you do not want to rush through. I loved CRT, but I did feel a bit stressed when I saw how long the whole process took. If getting a PPO breakfast for the sake of getting done by RD is your main goal then BOG is a much better option. Not only can you pre-order your food, but the restaurant is designed to be a in-and-out location for breakfast and lunch. Plus those two meals are not character dining, so once you are done eating, you do not have anything to wait on to stick to your schedule. Hope you enjoy your trip!

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Thank you everyone for the advice, I don’t think I’m going to keep the CRT reservation, our main priority is getting into the parks a little earlier, and at the cost definitely doesn’t sound like it’s wortg rushing! I didn’t realize it was also multiple steps before you actually get to your table and get served


Yeah, I did not either, so happy to share! You will LOVE CRT, if you do decide to go there. It is what I think of when I think of Disney World now. My daughter was three and she STILL talks about it…at 5! :star_struck:
BOG is still magical, just a bit different in experience with no princesses.

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