CRT or Park Fare

What would you chose for dinner…CRT or 1900 park fare? Two daughters 9 and 7.
We have had dinner at CRT two years ago and did a breakfast at park fare the same year. Both reservations are early (4pm) as that was all that was available

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We love Park Fare dinner. The Tremaines are off the hook fantastic!!


Havem’t done Park Fare, but have done CRT with 2 daughters. It was really special and I cannot suggest it enough. It absolutely has my highest recommendation, especially with 2 daughters.

How did you all enjoy CRT? We just had dinner there. While food and characters were and it’s certainly an experience eating in the castle this wasn’t one of our top restaurants or experiences, even for DD4. She talks about CP way more. I’m glad I did it and it’s worth doing once however I’m leaning towards 1900 next time.

Does the atmosphere still have a wow factor? I think just walking through GF should seem regal?

I would choose Park Fare, no question. If you want all the princesses, i prefer Akershus.

Have never done CRT but it’s a sad trip that we can’t do supper at 1900 Park Fare. Little girls adore Cinderella and the adults crack up at the Tremaine sisters while Lady Tremaine is so pithily witty.

There’s a LOT of buffet to choose from.

It can be very noisy.

Well, my daughters got to see all of the Princesses in Cinderella’s castle. As a dad, that did it for me. They were in awe.

The food wasn’t terrible. I enjoyed my meal. I do acknowledge that it the food isn’t worth the price you pay for, but I would just about say that about any meal that costs that much. You are paying for the experience and the ability to eat in the castle. Not having done Park Fare, I can’t compare, but CRT definitely does it for me.

Park Fare has all you can eat Prime Rib. You can get your money’s worth there if you try hard. I was picking up the slack for my kids who were eating like birds, so needless to say, I wasn’t feeling like eating any dessert that night!